low res Drumma 3New Skool Rules is offering new and amazing talent the opportunity to work with Grammy nominated producer Dumma Boy. The finalist will be flown out to Atlanta for six days, to spend three days in the studio with Drumma boy to record a demo and another three days shopping the finished product to executives with New Skool Rules. New Skool Rules is making it possible for talent from anywhere around the globe to take part, doesn’t matter if you are a singer or rapper, if you’re working fulltime or part time in the music industry, it’s all about finding real talent!

Drumma Boy is also known for starring in BET’s reality TV series ‘Welcome to Dreamland’, a televised American talent search to develop the best act and this is the perfect way for the star to expand his search for talent on a worldwide level .

Registration for the competition closes on February 1st 2011 and costs $35 Euros.

For more information visit www.newskoolrules.com.