scandal final season

Looks like Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) will be meeting each other on screen in a cross-over show between ‘Scandal’ and ‘How To Get Away with Murder’.

‘Scandal’ and ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ was created by Shonda Rhimes and recent Instagram posts from both Kerry Washington and Viola Davis shows themselves on each other’s sets.

Is this an Avengers-style theme in the making? Look’s like it, doesn’t it?

When you see a caption like, what does it make you think?

Hey Ms @violadavis ❤️ check it out. This spot look familiar?! Where are you?

And is this isn’t enough to form a paper trail, then take a look at this…

Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!

And if this doesn’t prove that the writing is on the wall, then this from Rhimes will surely confirm it all, in her close-up photo of a script featuring a scene between Annalise and Olivia.

And look at the caption

“‪People. It’s happening,” Rhimes wrote in the caption. “@petenowalk, you ready for this? #TGITCrossover #HowtoGetAwaywithScandal‬.”

All we need to do now is find out when the release date will be… Stay tuned for more info.

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