Curvy girls have a number of trials to overcome when it comes to clothes, from the infamous chub rub (yes that’s a thing,) to the devastating realisation that you can’t simply walk into H&M, pick out a cute crop top and wear it without experiencing copious amounts of underboob (basically, they’re just out for all to see).

You’re not alone curvy girls of the world! If people turn around when Anaconda comes on because it’s ‘your song’ then you might relate to some of these awkward fashion moments…

The sale shopping conundrum

So you’re sitting at your desk, it’s 3 pm and you’ve got a lot done that day. You’re contemplating getting up and making a cup of tea but then you browse your personal emails and ASOS or Topshop have sent you nice messages, featuring discount codes and links to limited time sales.

You quickly head to the site and start scrolling through cute clothes that you can now pick up for a fraction of the cost. You find a dress that would look amazing at your friend’s birthday party coming up that month but wait… only size XS and S left. The story of your life, eh?

out of stock

The one size fits all fiasco

This is a lie. One size will never fit all. This Buzzfeed post proves that.

Chub rub

Let’s face it, thigh gaps are rare and most of us have thighs that touch. When you’re wearing a cute dress from PrettyLittleThing in the warm weather, those puppies are going to rub together and can create a nasty little chafe.

Most curvy girls know to expect this and so either rub Sudocream or use plenty of moisturisers to stop their legs from becoming irritated. Cute cycling shorts are also a good option and are great for if you need to bend over and don’t fancy baring your butt cheeks to the world.

You also wreck jeans

It might take a good year or so but eventually your thighs rubbing together will create a couple of nice, obvious holes in your favourite pair of jeans.

When your dress/skirt/shorts creep up

So you’re a curvy girl who just wants to walk down the street in a bodycon dress without showing too much flesh? Good luck with that! With each step, you will feel the material creeping up ever higher until you have to stop and attempt to pull it down while trying to look casual.

pic 1

No pockets? No problem!

Being a curvy girl usually means you have ample cleavage and this comes in handy when you find yourself out the house with no pockets – you will probably get told you’re going to get breast cancer if you store your phone in there, but even organisations such as Cancer Research UK think its unlikely phones can cause cancer. You might feel a little awkward sometimes though when people look at you a little grossed out as you have to wipe boob sweat off your phone screen.

Countless cover-ups

Talking of ample cleavage, because your boobs are so big they’re probably not safe in a number of cute dresses and tops – which means you have to wear a top underneath just to stop everyone getting a good look at the bra you have on that day. This also means you have about 20 strap tops in a variety of colours in your wardrobe, that are each paired with certain outfits.

Fashion can be tough for curvy girls – we have lots of extra bits that high street stores don’t take into consideration when they up the sizes of clothing designs – but we have our ways around these to try to avoid the awkward fashion moments noted above!