GLC IMG_2761GLC, a name frequently linked with Kanye West, is in the UK to promote his debut album Love, Life and Loyalty. However, before the interview could get started I had to get re-schooled and learn a new vocabulary-the GLC way. Here he discusses his plans to embrace the world with his ‘ism’ (aura/energy) and how the release of his album and the beautiful women it would bring meant that everything was ‘church’ (copacetic and cool).

When was the last time you were in the UK?
I was here three years ago.  I opened up for Kanye West.  I got a lot of love from the UK, it was a blessing and I’ve been dying to get back ever since.

How did you and Kanye meet?
I was introduced to Kanye through a mutual friend of mine when we were kids. He said to me ‘you need to meet this dude he makes beats’.  Kanye was cool, we were teenagers, rapping back then, we were dressing fresh and loving girls.
I learnt a lot from Kanye after he dropped his first album and started his company.  From what he taught me I was able to start my own company, he put me in a position to accumulate power and to win, as far as taking a more business approach.  He gave me a lot of game and right now I’m applying it

When did you start getting into the rap game?
I started rapping as a kid doing talent shows.  I saw how the young ladies would treat me, they would be very nice to me, smile at me, hug me, kiss me. The rappers they were getting girls, cars, money jewellery, they were on top of the world and I thought I wanna be like that that’s what I wanna do

I started my own company Get It Man Entertainment five years ago and I’ve recently completed a historic deal with EMI and am able to put my project out through them.

So what have you been up to in the last five years?
I’ve appeared on two Kanye albums.  I was on the TI album, Paul Wall album, an MTV album.  I dropped nine mix tapes.  I also performed on Bun B’s last album Trill OG and on Outlawz that used to rap with Tupac.  I’ve had over 70 features alone this year.  I continued to work hard and build my brand; also I’ve been sitting back, learning and observing and now its time for me to apply everything that I’ve learnt.

What are your favourite tracks on the album?
Clocking lots of Dollars
, my first single features Bun B and Sir Mix-a-Lot, which is amazing, when I was a kid influenced by hip hop I was influenced by those guys and now they’re on my album, It’s like wow, how did that happen!

I also have a record with John Legend called Pour Another Drink, you see me and I’m doing good, but you never know what lays beneath and John (Legend) says he’s ‘chasing demons that he cant see’, coz with the music business success is a positive thing but it also brings a lot of negativity, so in order to deal with the demons maybe I take the easy way out and drink away the pain. Blinded by the light is a phenomenal record written by Bruce Spingsteen and features a group from London called Manfred Mann, they were really big in the 70’s with that whole hippie culture.

How would you describe the entire album?
The albums a manifestation of playerism a tad bit of gangstarism little bit of pimpin, little isim, its taking it back to the 90 s when it was gangsta rap but with substance I bring the substance back to the game and the ism.

Who are your personal pioneers in the game?
Bun B, Sir Mix-A-Lot, UGK, Scarface, Outkast, 8ball, Slick Rick he was cool with the chains and the girls in the bed and he had them calling him Uncle Ricky…even Jay Z how he’s transcended the culture, Kanye of course and I’m really inspired by me, coz I’m an inspiration to people, and I’m inspired by the fans and I’m inspired by the fact that I inspire.

Who would be your ideal tour line-up living and dead?
UGK, Bun B, Pimp C, Tupac Shukar
definitely, Scarface, Twister, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict I would like to bring out Manfred Man too, also some pretty girls on stage with me and a lot of fans embracing the concept.

Interview by Sharleen Banton