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Rapper/Singer Lizzo is currently making waves in the music industry and as always, Flavourmag likes to be on top of the latest trendsetters.

It’s been a while since we have written a Who’s That Girl feature and Lizzo the rapper/singer is so unique, we simply had to feature her. Lizzo music style is a myriad of old skool rhythms with new skool lyrics, and her tunes are so diverse, there’s something for everyone.

Lizzo – Juice 

The media tend to call her the ‘Body Positive Rapper’, we simply call her by her name, Lizzo. Apparently, anyone who is over a certain size, who loves their own skin and isn’t afraid to show it, gets labelled as ‘Body Positive’, aka someone like Ashley Graham.

Lizzo – My Skin

Can you see why Lizzo is making waves? Of course, you can. She’s called balls of steel in a world that harsh and critical. Not only balls of steel, but she’s also a talented musician, take a look at Lizzo playing the flute on the Jonathan Ross show below (did we mentioned that she always twerks while playing?

Lizzo – Playboy

Lizzo has just been featured in Playboy, in a boudoir style sultry photo shoot, wearing fishnet stockings, lace lingerie and more. The feature is calledLizzo The Incomparableand asks the question: Can the music industry’s most fearless artist finally break through?

Lizzo on Playboy
Lizzo on Playboy

Are you getting the picture? Can you see why you need to follow Lizzo on Instagram? Well, here’s a few more reasons why.

She’s a total badass

She isn’t afraid to show off her natural curves

She’s wild and crazy lol

She’s got a song coming out with Missy Elliot

She’s very pretty too

Follow Lizzo now at @lizzobeeating